Vera Type Pro 3.2.3

Source:Velara III

Ascii Art Maker converts your images into text art! What is text art? It's images made up of letters of the alphabet (see screenshots). These are great for forum signatures, alternative art medium, email and more! Take your favorite images, loading them in and watch as they are converted into text!

Once they are in text you can email them in emails when you can't attach an image. You can post them in forums with your signature. You can post them in instant chat messages. Anywhere that you can post text you can post text art images.

* Adjust image levels to achieve maximum quality
* Control density of image (characters per line)
* Adjust font size
* Set resolution scale
* Copy to clipboard
* Open image from the image gallery
* Preview and switch between original image and text
* Dimensions in pixels, millimeters, inches and characters
* Save to file
* Send in email
* Speed improvements

- For live editing of high density art (greater than 100 characters width) a newer phone is recommended. If using a device with less than that lower the density or the font size to use the live editing feature. Otherwise all else is the same.

Last Updated:2015-06-10 14:24:10
File size:13MB

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